Crypto soda club

1,111 soda cans bubbling on Stacks,
secured by bitcoin

crypto soda club

crypto soda club is a collection of 1,111 soda cans built on stacks and secured by bitcoin.

being a crypto soda club holder will grant you access to an exclusive soda club, the club will be opening soon, come drink with us.

Want to learn more about the club? Take a look at a summary of the roadmap

stage one - vending machine

Mint will commence in Q1 2022 (exact date tbc)

Each soda will mint for 50 stx for the first batch of Sodas

We will be using lnswap to enable users to mint sodas using bitcoin directly

find out how the funds are being allocated below

Do not shake the vending machine!

stage two - stack & DAO

25% of stx from mint goes to a treasury wallet, rewards will be used for future projects determined by members of the club

The dao will launch allowing holders to create and vote for those proposals.

40% of the royalties from marketplace sales will go towards another treasury wallet owned by the recycler.

who is the recycler?

The Recycler

The Recycler removes Sodas from Floor.

All aftermarket sales royalties are given to The recyclers wallet. Once the recycler is satisfied by the size of its wallet he runs through marketplaces and picks up the sodas on the floor and throws them into the bin.
(cheapest sodas at floor price)

These sodas are taken out of circulation, which reduces the overall supply of Sodas.

This means long term members of the club benefit from a raising floor price and reducing supply, putting upward price pressure on all Sodas

stage three - lounge

We want crypto soda club holders to have access to other high quality nft projects without the need to beg for a whitelist

think of your soda as an exclusive membership card, you can't get into the party without a drink

Partnerships and merch are also on the roadmap but we will focus on the foundations and building a community first!

for a more detailed roadmap, come and visit our discord channel using the link

Mint on stacks

what is stacks?
Stacks is an open-source network of decentralized apps and smart contracts built on Bitcoin. Stacks unleashes Bitcoin's full potential by bringing scalable transactions and general-purpose smart contracts to Bitcoin without doing any modification.

Rartiy Website Coming Soon...

the soda team